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The League uses its positions to advocate and take action on issues. Positions are reached only after study and consensus.

Support the Student Success Act

Take Action and Stand with Community College Students!

Community colleges are a crucial gateway to higher paying jobs, but too many California students face an unnecessary roadblock to academic and career success. Currently, standardized tests assess 75 percent of community college students as "unprepared"--making them less likely to finish their education. But new research shows that these students are more prepared than the tests indicate. By being forced to take unnecessary remedial non-credit courses, community college students waste time and money.

Urge your Senator to stand with students and vote YES on AB 705: The Student Success Act. AB 705 will require community colleges to consider high school transcripts instead of standardized test scores to decide if students must take remedial courses--helping more students secure certificates or degrees or successfully transfer to a four-year institution.

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Posted 9/4/2017

Reject 'Election Integrity' Commission's Voter Suppression agenda

Voting brings us together as Americans--it is the one time we are all equal. But a new national task force, created to justify President Trump's false claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2016 elections, is laying the groundwork for dangerous voter suppression across the country.

The so-called 'Election Integrity' Commission, chaired by Vice President Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, is seeking to find potential fraudulent registration on voter rolls across the country. They've requested personal, confidential information from all fifty states that threatens the privacy of Americans.

This Commission is not interested in facts, but rather false accusations in order to implement dangerous election policy. The League will not let this Commission intimidate voters but we need your help. Tell the Commission you won't let anything stop you from exercising your right to vote.

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Posted 8/17/2017

LWVP's Local Position on Mayoral Selections - July 5, 2016

The next City Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 5 (due to Monday, 4th of July holiday) beginning at 7:30 p.m. Regular agenda, Item 10, is election of an interim Vice Mayor to serve until the results of the November 8, 2016 are certified in mid-December. Our current Vice Mayor, Jeff Wieler, became Interim Mayor when Mayor Fujioka resigned effective June 21. Although the charter does not say the Council has to appoint an Interim Vice Mayor, the City Administration recommends appointing one. Our new position on Local Elections was presented to Council at their last regular meeting by LWVP member and former mayor, Al Peters, who was a member of our local study committee looking into how our mayors and vice mayors are chosen.

Attending this meeting provides an opportunity to speak on the subject of selecting a Vice Mayor, which is the key to a person eventually becoming Mayor. Although these are only "Interim" (6-month) positions right now, it is assumed that our Interim Mayor, Jeff Wieler, will become Mayor for two years when the Council reorganizes in December, and that (if tradition is followed) the person who got the highest number of votes 4 years ago, (and if re-elected in November) will start a two-year term as Vice Mayor at that time.

Tuesday is an opportunity to encourage the Council to spell out for the public their Vice Mayoral selection process.

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